How to Downgrade Python 3.10 to 3.9?

downgrade python 3.10 to 3.9

Are you working on Python to design web applications? Have you upgraded your Python version? Aren’t you happy with the performance of the upgraded version? Do you want to downgrade the version? If yes, then you are at the right place to learn to downgrade python 3.10 to 3.9. Most of the programmers updated the version but the performance of the current version is not something they like as compared to the 3.9 version.

Let’s dig into it to know how can you downgrade python 3.10 to 3.9.

How to downgrade python 3.10 to 3.9

To downgrade python 3.10 to 3.9, you need to first download the version you want to use from the official Python website, and you have to install the software like a normal package. Once done, run the following code

cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version

After this, the ‘ls’ needs to be executed to the list of all Python versions installed. You should run this code

sudo rm -rf 3.9

this is how you start downgrading the Python version.

Check out how you downgrade Python 3.10 to 3.9 using different systems

For Windows

If you are using windows, use the following steps

  • First, install the version of Python you want by opening the command prompt to enter pip install vistualenv.
  • After that, type virtualenv \path\to\env -p \path\to\python_install.exe in your command prompt, where \path\to\python_install.exe shows you where is the Python version, and the \path\to\env guides you about the path where you have a virtual environment.
  • Now, using the \path\to\env\Scripts\activate.bat, you can activate the virtual environment.

For Linux

  • Just download the version of Python you want to use from the official site as a normal package. Then run the following code

cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version

  • Execute ‘ls’ if you want to list all the Python installed versions. And then, run the following to remove the Python version 3.9, which you like to be deleted.
sudo rm -rf 3.9 :: Remove the Python version 3.9
  • once all is done, just check Python3 -v to get the version you want to install.

For macOS

If you are using macOS, then you also downgrade by using pyenv with the tool Homebrew. You can follow the steps to downgrade the version

brew update

To install Pyenv, type this:

brew install pyenv :: To install Pyenv in to your computer

After installing pyenc, you can install the 3.9 version

pyenv install 3.9 :: Install Python version 3.9

Set the environment to the version you want to use, here you want 3.9, so type:

pyenv shell 3.9 :: Set Python 3.9 the environment to the version you to use

For Brew

When using Homebrew, you can use its software package management to simply get the version of Python you want. Check out the code

$ brew unlink python
$ brew install –ignore-dependencies
$ brew switch python 3.9

For Anaconda

If programmers use Anaconda, then running this command can help you downgrade Python version, run the following command to get the 3.9 version back.

conda install python=3.9 :: This command will install Python version 3.9 and overwrite version 3.10


Here, we have discussed all the systems one can you for Python programming to know how to downgrade Python 3.10 to 3.9. I hope you can easily get the version you want to use.

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