Resolve the Error “cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs”

React is a well-known JavaScript library that helps you build an interactive user interface. JavaScript has been an important part of the programming world and without it, programming is incomplete. Whenever you are working with the JavaScript program, you can use the react library to have easy access to create interactive elements. The main motive of libraries is to provide easy access to developers and programmers. React is popular just like JavaScript, both play an important role in programming. When working with react, you may encounter “cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs” error.

Of course, the error you are getting is always irritating, but there is always a fix to handle the exceptions. We provide you with a helping hand to drag you out of the error. Go ahead with the post to find solutions. But before that, check out how the error shows up

How the error occurs

When you are trying to run a react app, you get an error warning. This is what you get

Cannot find module 'sass'

Require stack:

How To Solve the Error “cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs”

The reason for getting the error warning is the lack of a sass module in the IDE or the library, node-sass is no longer supporting it. We have a few fixes to help you resolve the error. Have a look at the solutions

Solution 1 – Check the dependency

To resolve the error efficiently, you need to check the dependencies. To do that, you just need to enter the prompt and open the package.json file, and then look for the “devDependencies”: { “node-sass”: “^yourversion” }. The first thing you need is to install the following in the terminal

npm install --save-dev node-sass

Once you are done, you just need to restart the localhost using the following command

npm start

It helps you resolve the error.

Solution 2 – Install sass

In order to remove the error warning, you need to install sass. Installing it is quite simpler as you just need to follow the below command

npm cache clear --force 
npm install sass

To install globally, use the below command

npm i -g sass

To install locally, follow this:

npm i sass --save-dev

Solution 3 – Uninstall node-sass

Another way to handle the error is to uninstall node-sass first. You need to use the below command to uninstall

npm uninstall node-sass

After uninstalling, you need to install it. You need to type the following command

npm install --save-dev sass

It resolves the error.

Solution 4 – Utilize docklefile

If you want to create a docker image, you need to add a ‘dockerfile’ line as it can install sass automatically. See the command

RUN npm install -g sass

Include the exact version you have:

"sass": "version number(example:^5.0.0)"

Add this into the script part that works to instruct the program to function in a specified case. It informs programmers about the ‘scss’ file that needs to be opened, recognized, and opened as a ‘css’. Follow the code in this regard

"scss": "sass --whatch scss -o css"


In this article, we discussed the solution to fix the error “cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs”. It is on you to choose the solution that matches your project needs.

I hope it helps!

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