Resolve the Error “statements must be separated by newlines or semicolons”

Python is a general-purpose, versatile, and high-level programming language used for creating web applications, game applications, computer graphics, data visualization, task automation, creating software, and data analysis. It is one of the easiest and most human-readable programming languages. It is ideal for beginners because of its easy-to-use syntax, and that’s the reason it is the most learned language all over the world. When you are working with Python, you may encounter the error message “statements must be separated by newlines or semicolons”.

Do not worry when you get this error as we are here you help you solve the error in the simplest way possible. Continue reading the post to get the error solved. But first, let’s check out how the error occurs

How the error shows up

When you are trying to print text, you end up with the following error:

Statements must be separated by newlines or semicolons

You may have python code similar to this:

print data.username

After typing this, you get the following error warning:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

You must be wondering what measures you need to take to get rid of the error warning. Have a look at the option to fix the error

Ways To Fix the Error Warning “statements must be separated by newlines or semicolons”

To get the issue fixed, you need to understand that an argument is a value passed when you call a function. There is a difference between parameters and arguments, which is usually a bit confusing, especially for beginners whether a parameter is enclosed in the parenthesis of a function or not. It is to remember that most of the functions need to have arguments that should be separated by commas along with parenthesis surrounded.

It is also suggested to remove the error to avoid any space between the left parenthesis and the name of the function if parameters are required. You need to make sure the syntax rules need to be followed along with text strings with quotation (“”) marks. Parenthesis can be placed with arithmetical expressions as well as arguments of the function enclosed. When using parenthesis to enclose arithmetic expressions, you also highlight the order of the operations. 

To simply get rid of the error warning you are getting, you just need to use enclosed arguments. It should be done using the enclosed arguments. Just like the following:


Once you follow and implement it, you can simply fix the issue. It is definitely a solution you need to try as it is an efficient way.


And that’s how you can fix the error “statements must be separated by newlines or semicolons”.  I hope you enjoyed the post and find the solution useful.

I wish you all the best!

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