Solve The Exception ‘could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs error’

Jupyter is an open-source project, which provides an interactive computational setting as well as helps the programmers to compile data of projects in all aspects and in one place, which is a simpler way to showcase your projects to the target audience. For Jupyter projects, Jupyterlab works to provide a web-based user interface as it is known as the next-generation user interface. With Jupyterlab, you can work with various activities, documents, and projects. You may encounter the error ‘could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs error’ when working with Jupyterlab.

The error also involves node.js. Two types of Jupyterlab extensions are there. One is a source extension and the other one is prebuilt extension. When you are using the source extensions, you need to have node.js installed and working properly.  When you see the error pops up, don’t worry as we help you solve the error.

Check out how the error occurs

How do you get the error message?

When you try to install the latest version of node.js, you land up in the error warning. This is what you get in return

[W 07:35:51.998 LabApp] Could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs

No matter how tough the error seems, we have ideal solutions to fix it.

How to Fix the Error ‘could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs error’

The error happens when you choose the edition ‘Current with the latest feature’ that is not suitable for you. A few effective solutions to fix the error are

Solution 1 – Select node.js LTS (long term support) version

Choosing this version helps fix the error. Instead of choosing the ‘Current with the latest features’, select the LTS version. Once done, you need to make sure the node is executable in the search path. Open Windows, hold the windows key and then press the Break. Tap Advance System Setting, then click on Environment Variables which leads to System Variables. With a double click, you can edit the path. in the end, tap OK to all to exit and save.

Run the following command in your new command window

jupyter lab

You must be looking for output similar to this:

[I 07:16:26.721 LabApp] Node v10.15.3

Solution 2 – Use this command

Another way to handle the exception ‘could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs error’ is to debug. To do that follow the below command

jupyter lab --debug

To check the node and npm installation, use the following command

node -v
npm -v

Solution 3 – For Ubuntu users

If you are using Ubuntu 20.04, you just need to activate the environment. To do so, install by conda. Have a look at the code

conda install -c conda-forge nodejs

It resolves the error.


We shed light on the solutions to fix the error ‘could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs error’. You can choose the solution that matches the requirements of your project.

I hope it helps!

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