Tips On How to Downgrade React Version 17 to 16

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is created by Facebook which helps programmers easily create interactive UIs. JavaScript is a programming language that is extensively used all over the world for designing interactive web pages. Every website has elements that are designed in JavaScript. React is a library that is equally popular among developers and programmers. When working with react, you may experience issues at the time of coding or compiling, and some even have a hard time making it work. Downgrading can help in that scenario, and knowing how to downgrade React version 17 to 16 is something you may be looking for.

Sometimes the issue you are facing when using or trying to use react, you just need to downgrade the version to solve the problem. As you are here to get to know the ways to downgrade the version, we will help you.

How to Downgrade React Version 17 to 16?

We have simple methods to downgrade react version from 17 to 16. Check out the methods

Method 1 – Using a command

The simplest way to downgrade the version from 17 to 16 is to uninstall the and then install it. You can simply uninstall the react 17 version, and install the 16. To do that, you can simply follow the command below

To uninstall

npm uninstall react

To install react 16 version

npm install [email protected]

It is a perfect way to downgrade react version from 17 to 16.

Method 2 – Running a single commandline

When you are not comfortable working with react version 17, downgrading it to 16 is the best solution. You can do it with just a single command. Using your terminal, you just need to run the following command

It successfully downgrades react version to 16.

Method 3 – Change the package.json

Another method that can help you downgrade the react version is to change the package.json file. To do that, you need to open the package.json file and look for the react and react-dom that can be found under dependencies. Once you find it, you need to change react and react-dom to version 16.14.0. Have a look at the code to follow

"dependencies": {
   "react": "^16.14.0",
   "react-dom": "^16.14.0",

After this, just run the npm install

npm install

It helps you downgrade the version from 17 to 16.

Method 4 – Using redux devtool

With the help of this method, you can easily downgrade react version to 16 from 17. You just need to follow the below command

npm uninstall react-redux npm uninstall redux
npm install --save [email protected] [email protected]
npm install redux npm install react-redux
npm install --save-dev redux-devtools

Now you changed the reaction version to 16.


In this post, we shed light on how to downgrade react version 17 to 16. The methods have been discussed that can help you efficiently switch the version to 16.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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