Ways To Solve ‘WARNING: Ignoring invalid distribution in Python’

Programmers use Python programming language to develop applications and websites. It is a widely used language that has given the liberty to developers and programmers to work easily on the project with the help of easy-to-access libraries and templates. Various updates are always in the news and programmers get the most out of it. Even beginners are also trying different projects to excel in Python. The syntax of Python is also simpler that can be easily understood. When working on various projects, you may experience the error ‘WARNING: Ignoring invalid distribution in Python’.

Errors are always disturbing, though it is normal to have one. You should not worry as you are at Tutopal, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the out-of-box tips and solutions that can make the error warning go away. First, you need to understand how the error occurs.

How the error pops up

The error occurs when you try to install a package. This is exactly what you get in return

WARNING: Ignoring invalid distribution -django (c:\users\ssc\appdata\roaming\python\python37\site-packages).

Let’s check out how to fix the error

How to Fix ‘WARNING: Ignoring invalid distribution in Python’

The error also pops up when a package is either updated or deleted by pip, which makes the package name change. It renames the first letter of the package name with a ‘tilde’ or even ‘~’.  The main issue is that pip is on its own renaming the package with no restoration.

You may end up with the broken pip that happens when you executed the pip update, the pip default package is renamed, and then the process of installing a new pip package took place in order to remove the pip name. if the update halts in between, you get the broken pip.

Let’s figure out the solutions to handle the error warning

Solutions to Handle the Error

Solution 1 – Remove the folder

The first solution to fix the error warning is to remove the folder that causes the error. Suppose you are getting an error warning in the Django package. You can simply delete the folder. Have a look at the path to remove it


Solution 2 – Utilize Psycharm

This is another way to handle the package issue. The pycharm installs and uninstalls packages as it has a GUI. If your package is not working properly, delete it and reinstall it. This resolves the error warning.

Solution 3 – Use Anaconda

It is a package manager that is the same as pip. The chances of getting the error warning are minimized to a great extent as anaconda has its own system, conda. With the help of anaconda, you can have faster installation. In the case, you don’t have the ip in the site library, then you will not get an error warning.  It is also an effective way to fix the error.

Solution 4 – Find site-package

You can get to see the site package or folder named ~ip as well as a few installed numbers. Have a look


Once you check the site packages, it removes ip, obviously a random number. As a result, you remove the error warning.


We highlighted the solutions to handle the error message ‘WARNING: Ignoring invalid distribution in Python’. I hope you find it helpful!

I wish you luck!

Reference Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68880743/why-do-i-get-this-when-using-pip-warning-ignoring-invalid-distribution-ip


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